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Ortus Engineering PA is a licensed and insured Florida professional association. Our team members have decades of proven experience in construction and the enforcement of state and local building code issues.  Our partnerships have proven to expedite construction schedules, reducing overhead and increase profits for our clients. We pride ourselves in exceeding expectations of every client through exceptional, functional and technical expertise coupled with extensive industry knowledge, which makes Ortus Engineering the ideal choice for your code compliance needs.

Private Provider Plan Review and Inspections

Ortus Engineering provides Florida Building Code Compliance services in accordance with Florida Statute 553.791. Serving our clients in the capacity of Private Provider, our staff works in close coordination with the design and building professionals, providing inspections and plan reviews on an accelerated basis. Our service eliminates delays in the building process keeping your project moving on schedule, saving time and cost.

Private Provider Program Benefits

Ortus professionals can provide high quality and thorough plan review and inspection services on a fast track basis. Ortus Engineering PA can take on the responsibility of processing compliance paperwork in a timely manner, which will help developers and contractors meet important deadlines.  Our team assist in accelerating project completion processing compliance paperwork in a timely manner while freeing up valuable resources, which will help developers and contractors meet important deadlines.
Additional benefits are cost savings in permit fee reductions offered by municipalities for using Private Provider services, (i.e. City of Miami up to 33% and City of Miami Beach 25% on total permit cost).
Private Provider Services
Private Provider Miami
Also known as "third party inspectors". Private provider is an alternative to plan review and inspections in lieu of local building departments. This is allowed by Florida Statutes 553.791.
Will anyone else review the plans?

Concurrently while the Private Provider reviews the Building Department portion, the local jurisdiction will need to review for Zoning, Public Works, Planning, D.E.RM, Fire, and any other local requirements. Ortus Engineering provides full coordination with these entities to obtain permits with a minimum number of review cycles.
Services Included
  • Plan review within 10 business days
  • Building Code Consulting
  • Shop Drawings review within 48 Hours
  • Project management overseeing permit closeout with Municipalities
  • Assistance in Project Phase out
  • Early start permitting assistance
We review the plans for code compliance prior to submitting them to the local building department. This creates fewer review cycles needed to obtain your permit.
Flexible Schedules

We schedule inspections in accordance with your schedule, including weekends and before or after hours saving you significant down time. We provide inspection services within 24 hours of your request.

Save Time

With the faster review process and inspections catered to your schedule you save time on your overall project.

Save Money

Our services are an additional cost, however when we reduce your overall schedule you are able to save on overhead and move on to other projects faster.


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